Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Throwback

Happy Halloween!!!

I decided to do some reminiscing over some of our past Halloweens since I came across these pictures recently. I really need to spend some time organizing our old pictures as I couldn't find them for all of the past years. =(

Throwing it back to 1998! 
Batman and a clown

1999-Lion King & a Dalmation
2000-My precious 1 week old daughter
2003-A ninja, a lady bug & I have no clue what Avery was. lol!
2005-A day at the pumpkin patch
2006-I can't remember for anything what Andrew was this year, but Avery was a mummy & tinkerbell ABS
2007-two clowns (one without his nose on) and a rock star
2008-The year that they really started wanting scary costumes...or the boys at least. ABS the witch!
2009-ABS the black eyed P and the scary crew!
2010- The cowgirl!
Happy Halloween!!!! 
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday!
I am so glad to see you. It has been a crazy busy week, but here are my favorites from this week. =)

1) Look at the adorable sheets! A friend gave them to me this week. She knows I love me some doxies & labs and they are flannel. I have never owned a set of flannel sheets. I was worried they were going to be hot, but they are not. I have not wanted to get out of bed this week. lol!
2) We planted this Confederate rose several years ago and it has never bloomed. Each year it has grown bigger and prettier than the year before but no blooms. Well, we started seeing blooms on it a few weeks ago and look what we have now! This made my heart so happy.

3) My Rodan + Fields business has been SUCH a blessing to me. I have met some really awesome women in just a few short months that have become life long friends. I have also been blessed financially by this wonderful business and now I am getting awesome gifts from our doctors for a job well done. This week I received a FedEx delivery with two gifts from Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields for me hitting milestones in my business. I was acting like a kid on Christmas morning.  
This Mighty Go Purse is AH-Mazing!!! Seriously. It is a leather clutch/wallet that has a built in phone charger for when I am on the go...which is all the time. I LOVE it!!!
4) You would think it was my birthday week or something with all the gifts I have received this week. I am antiquing a friend's kitchen cabinets and she gave me this fabulous shirt as a thank you! I love me some bully and have been drooling over this shirt! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
5) Trick or treat!! Look at my precious babies! They were gearing up for a night full of barking at doorbell! lol! 
I hope you have had an amazing week!!! 
Happy Halloween! 
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Hello Friday

Happy Friday!!!
Here is my random favorites from my exciting week! =)
1) Y'all! I made cupcakes to take to cheer Monday night to celebrate Annah Brooke's birthday one last time. I always make homemade icing, but I saw this Cookies n Crème frosting in Kroger and knew she would love it.

Oh my word! It was goodness in my mouth! For a store bought frosting, this was SO yummy!

2) Rodan+Fields offer an incentive program called Lead the Way. This period started August 1st and ends January 31st. There are five different milestones and when you reach each milestone, you get a fabulous gift. This Lead the Way, the doctors decided to give us a choice between 3 different items for each milestone with milestone five being a fabulous trip to Canada!
I received two emails this week that I have hit my first two milestones this period with my Rodan+Fields business. I am so thankful to have partnered with these two amazing doctors that reward me with cash bonuses and sweet prizes.
Milestone one, I chose branded stationary. I love stationary and notecards and this will come in handy in my business.
Milestone two, I chose the Mighty Go Purse. It is a little purse or wallet really that I will keep with me and it is an Iphone back up charger. I am SO excited about this gift because I am always running low on my phone battery.
I am half way to Milestone three and let me just tell you, I am having the hardest time deciding which gift from the doctors I want. One gift comes in a little blue box and the other gift has an apple on it. haha! Sa-weet!  

3) Rodan + Fields has the BEST multi-function eye cream and I am not just saying that. It is amazing and people LOVE this stuff. It has been sold out for two months, but I got this email this week that it is back in stock. This has made me and lots of ladies happy, happy, happy. I have sold quite a few of these in the last few days.

4) ABS had cheer pictures a few weeks ago and I got these from our team mom this week. I absolutely love how these group pictures turned out. Precious girls!

5) Joshua 1:9 is probably my life verse. I absolutely LOVE this verse and rely on it a lot! I prayed this verse many, many times for Andrew during his 13 weeks at boot camp, prayed it over the other guys there and for myself!
This showed up in my Facebook newsfeed this week and it just made me smile! The colors, the font, the verse!!! Just fabulous!
Happy weekend, friends!!!
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fair Fun

 We always look forward to October when the Mississippi State Fair is in town. Our state fair is a blast with lots to do and some yummy food to eat.
 We actually went on Sunday for Annah Brooke's birthday and had such a fun afternoon. Here is my crew.
Look how fabulous! Minions!!!  
Love this guy!!  
 The birthday girl!
 My hot honey! He was excited about his funnel cake.
And so was ABS!!  
Each year there is a booth that give away hot, homemade biscuits with honey for FREE! We always go by to get our free biscuit! YUM! 
The birthday girl was really excited about the ponies and petting zoo. Well, we all were really excited!! ha!
  Avery got a little nervous on this one! haha!
 Doesn't everyone take selfies with goats?!
 After the petting zoo, we were off to play a few games. Andrew is my very competitive child. :) He was DETERMINED to break some of these bottles by throwing baseballs at them. He did break one, but not 3. =(
 The cute couple!
 Next stop...the rides!
I got so giggled at their facial expressions in this picture.  
 We couldn't leave the fair without holding Tito, the monkey. We had the best laughs over him. He was chewing on their phones, looking at the phone like he was taking a selfie and then tapping the screen. It was priceless!
He even nibbled on Avery's ear!
And Andrew's neck!
I came across this picture from 10 years ago from the State Fair in 2005. I had the kids remake this picture for me and it was priceless! 
Such a fun day and so thankful my whole crew was together to celebrate ABS' 15th birthday!

Happy Day!!!
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