Sunday, March 4, 2012

Date Night

Saturday afternoon, Wade and I decided we wanted a date night. We stay busy with our kids and things are really about to be kicked up a notch with baseball season starting!

We had gift cards to Red Lobster/Olive Garden and to the movies that we have been wanting to use. So what better time!!

What's better than a date? A FREE date!!! Ha!

We got ready and headed out. We decided on Olive Garden because we haven't been there in YEARS! Really, years! We used to go every year for our anniversary and then we just stopped. 

We got to Olive Garden to only find that it was going to be an hour and a half wait....Ummm, no thanks!
So we went to Red Lobster...same thing! It was a Saturday night after all....What did we expect! :o)

By that time, we only had around an hour before the movie started so we drove around trying to figure out what sounded good to us. We had our hearts set on Olive Garden! :o)

We started to pull in to our usual spot...Newks, when we saw this......

OH yeah!!! Backyard Burger!!!!
We never ever eat here, but my friend introduced me to the Blackened Chicken Sandwich last week and I was craving another one!  Wade loves this place so he was perfectly content too!

Yummy!!! If you haven't tried the Blackened Chicken Sandwich, it is a MUST!!!

We finished our VERY romantic dinner and headed to see The Vow! I am a SUCKER for a good chick flick love story and my sweet husband doesn't mind tagging along to watch them with me. I secretly think he loves chick flicks as much as I do, but don't tell anyone I said that :o)

After the movie, we ended our date with some yogurt topped with granola and fruit! It was SO yummy!!!

Such a fun night with my man!!!!
Almost 15 years later and I STILL love dating my husband!!!!

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